My Vim Plugins

My favorite editor is Vim and I wrote two plugins for it. Detailed instructions how to install and use them are at the beginning the corresponding .vim file as comments.


Toggle is a vimscript which maps itself to Ctrl-T in insert and visual mode. When you move the cursor to something that the script knows and press Ctrl-T, the value under the cursor is toggled.
In this version, the script can toggle: true/false, on/off, yes/no, define/undef, +/-, >/<, positive/negative numbers.

Download it here: toggle.vim

HTML Umlaute

This is an ft-plugin which registers itself for *.htm and *.html files. It is for users writing HTML Code in german with the German Umlaute ä, ö, ü, ß etc. When opening a file, the encoded Umlaute that look like &auml; etc. are decoded into the human-readable version. When saving, they are encoded again.
This script does this for HTML Characters only, but it is easy to change that for TeX or other file types. There are by now several other ft-plugins that are based on this on to be found on the Vim Homepage.

Download it here: html_umlaute.vim

My Vim mappings

My Vim configuration file .vimrc grows and grows with mappings I write. The best of them are listed and commented in mappings.html.