Selfmade RF remote control

As hobby project while school, a friend and I built an RF remote control for my slide projector. My friend built the hardware, and I wrote the Assembler programs for the sender and the receiver.

The hardware were two small devices; a sender which is powered by a 9V battery which just sends a predefined bit pattern over an RF module. The receiver is plugged into the slide projector and gets its power from the projector. It listens for signals from the RF Receiver module and checks if the pattern matches. If so, it signals the slide projector that the button is pressed. As long as the button on the sender is hold down, the slide projector receives that signal. So it's possible to go back one slide by holding down the button for more than about 500ms.

If you are interested in building the same for your slide projector, I can send you the schematics of the hardware. The assembler programs are available for download here:


The programs are for the microprocessor ATTiny12 by Atmel. You can compile the assembler programs with tavrasm and send the bytecode to the chips with SP12.