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My Vim Contributions

As addicted Vim user I contributed some plugins and a syntax file I wrote. I have also collected some mappings from my Vim config file and present them here.

Bochs-4NIC Patch

Implementing multiple network interface cards for Bochs, an open source virtual machine (PC emulator). This project was part of the MoMenTum workgroup at the University of Tübingen where I was a student worker (2005). You can find the patch and a paper describing the usage and implementation here.

Selfmade RF remote control

Selfmade remote control using simple sender and receiver modules for binary data. You can find my sender and receiver assembler programs here.

TTVok32, vocabulary training software

Some years ago, I wrote a Shareware vocabulary training software called TTVok32 in Delphi. It's in german, and for Windows only cause I wrote it in Delphi and don't have time to rewrite it again...