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Legal Notice

Download for private use (e.g. as Wallpaper) is allowed. Publishing these images on other websites or any other media is allowed only with written permission. You may ask for that permission with a reason and enough details via email to: photographer at teifel dot net

Technical Details

If you want some of these pictures with higher resolution or better quality, you can ask me! Please provide a reason why you need them and tell me which images you want.
All pictures here have a height or width of 1024 pixels. The other dimension is chosen automatically. This gallery is automatically created by a bash script I wrote myself. This script also shrinks the images, produces the thumbnails, extracts the EXIF data of the images and creates the HTML files. If you find an error or broken link on this site, please send me an e-mail describing the problem: photographer at teifel dot net.


Some pictures in the Macro section are displayed with "Aperture f/0" which obviously is no correct aperture value. This is because the pictures were made using a retro-adapter. The lens is mounted in reverse direction to the camera and the aperture and auto-focus don't work. The aperture value can therefore not be saved automatically. For some pictures, I manually entered the correct aperture value, but I don't remember the real value for every picture cause I change it several times while shooting.